How to know if your Guy is serious about you?

How To Know If Your Guy Is Serious About You?

When you are in a Dating you would want to know if the Guy is serious about you or if your relationship may lead to marriage. How to know if that person is the one for you? How to know that he is as committed to you as you are with him? You may get some hints or signs of seriousness or dedication often if you keep a watch on him. Given below are some signs of seriousness or dedication from the Guy.

He uses ‘we’ when referring to each other instead of ‘I’ or ‘you’.
He spends a lot of quality time with you. He may even cancel meetings with his friends to be with you. If he is unable to meet you due to something he would always call you in advance to let you know or even fix a next date with you.
He always makes efforts to please you. He picks the places you like to go or even do things which you like to when you are together. He may even go out of his way to make you happy or take an interest in your interests.
He calls you often to check how you are and what you are doing. He may even call you for no reason or just because he wanted to hear your voice.
He speaks of long time plans with you like retirements, goals in life, building a home together, having children etc.He does not see you different from and treats your problems like his own and when ever you need he is always there for you.He makes efforts to get to know your friends and family and also introduces him to his family and close friends.
He likes showing you off and your time together is not just restricted to indoors.
If he is serious about you it can be seen in his eyes, the way her looks.
He is not scared of admitting that the two of you are dating or you are his girlfriend without any hesitation.
He may ask your opinion or discuss about any major decisions he wants to take.
His friends treat you nice and even his secretary puts your call through immediately when you call and is extra friendly with you.
He talks about his ex only in casual terms which is an indication that he has moved on already from his earlier relationship.
He may hide his troubles and problems from you, not because he does not trust you, but he does not want you to be worried.
You may notice his jealousy streak when you deliberately comment on a hot guy on the street or even in a movie.
Your gifts are his cherished possessions and you see him using the thing you complimented on very often.
He keeps his promises to you.
Finally if he is the one, your heart would say so too.
If you are seeing each other for a long time and find that your relationship is not going anywhere and you are wasting your time with a guy who is not serious enough to commit it makes sense to dump him and find someone who will give you the respect and commitment you deserve. If you are lucky maybe he would realize your worth and come back to you.
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  • How To Know If Your Guy Is Serious About You?

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